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These Google Doodles Appear Every Year, But Why?

These Google Doodles Appear Every Year, But Why? Image

These Google Doodles Appear Every Year, But Why?

There are certain dates that Google has chosen for annual commemoration, because they are dates that are associated to something of global or universal relevance, and they can be important for everyone in the world.

Here’s the list of annual Google doodles:

  1. Gregorian New Year and Lunar New Year

These two dates have consistently been celebrated every year since the early 2000’s, and their purpose is to celebrate the start of a new year for both the western Gregorian calendar and the Lunar calendar, which is widely celebrated in many Asian cultures.

  1. Martin Luther King Jr. Day, U.S. Independence Day, U.S. Thanksgiving Day

The only three exclusively American holidays that are celebrated in Google’s doodles, these three dates are associated with 3 very important dates in American history, and their relevance exceeds American nationalism because of the values that they convey and represent. Martin Luther King is honored because of his invaluable social work and peaceful protesting, the U.S. Independence laid way for the independence of the rest of the American nations, and Thanksgiving is a traditional celebration of the peaceful meeting between English settlers and Native Americans.


  1. Patrick’s Day

An official catholic and Christian celebration that remembers the death of St. Patrick, the most important Irish patron saint, and that also marks for the celebration of Irish culture and legacy worldwide.

  1. Valentine’s Day

A warm and culturally neutral celebration that is simple and well-intentioned enough to earn a place in Google’s doodles since they first became a thing, back in the year 2000.

  1. International Women’s Day

An annual celebration that remembers the fight for equal rights for women and men worldwide, that took place throughout the first half of the century. Google made a doodle for it back in 2005, and it has been an ongoing annual theme since 2009. It serves the purpose to raise awareness about the fight for equality that women have led in every part of the world.

  1. Mother’s Day and Father’s Day

These date’s importance need no explanation; the celebration of the generation before us is a way of bringing us together further and remembering our past and our legacy. Two perfectly universal celebrations that have been part of Google’s annual doodle line-up since their start in the year 2000.


  1. Earth Day

It’s an annual celebration of environmental causes and of Earth’s natural preservation, and even though it started since the 1970’s, the celebration became more wide-spread in the 2000’s, and it could be partly because of Google’s annual celebration of it through its doodle, since April 22nd, 2001.

  1. December 25nd

It’s to be noted that this involves some doodle or series of doodles used around this date, usually depicting gifts and winter celebration, even if it’s summer in the southern hemisphere of the world, but the doodles never directly address Christmas, probably due to its religious connection.

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  1. Halloween

One of the first doodles made, it could be attributed to how easy it was for Google founders to just replace Google’s o’s with carved pumpkins, but it stayed as an annual celebration ever since, and Halloween has become a popular holiday in many parts of the western world, outside of the U.S.

  1. Bastille Day

A date of great importance, one of the key events of the French Revolution that sparked a revolution across the entire Western hemisphere, this date has been commemorated by Google since the very start, also in year 2000.


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