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The Evolution Of Google Doodles Over The Years

The Evolution Of Google Doodles Over The Years Image

The Evolution Of Google Doodles Over The Years

If you’ve ever tried to look up something on the internet, chances are you’ve come across one of Google’s famous “Doodles”, which are modified and sometimes abstract versions of the classic Google logo that celebrate certain dates, either for their historic importance, cultural value, or to give a special recognition to someone who is somehow associated with that date.

Google Doodles started out being very simple and slight modifications or revisions of the Google logo, made by the founders of Google themselves, but eventually they became one of the most important and recognizable aspects of the brand, and because of this, it needed to be taken to a much higher standard.


As the frequency of Doodles increased consistently over the years, and as Google slowly became more notorious and global, the diversity of the subject matter they addressed widened and the mediums on which the Doodles were made progressed and diversified as well.


One of the most notable ways of progression that Google’s Doodling team incorporated over the years is the ability for users and visitors to interact with the Doodle in some way, usually by just clicking on them to learn more about the subject they address or celebrate. This is because Google usually prioritizes socially important subjects and the works made by remarkable people that changed the world, so raising awareness and information across their audience goes hand in hand with Google Doodle’s purpose.

The Changes in Google’s Doodles become Bigger and Better

As web development technology became more compatible and powerful, the modifications made in Google’s logo became deeper and more intricate, sometimes even incorporating animations or special functions to the Doodles, in addition to links that provide more information. This was thanks to the growth of their development team, which went from being a webmaster’s side job to a team of full time artists, web programmers, animators, and graphic designers. Being able to use tools like more updated versions of HTML, such as HTML5 and its Canvas feature, and Javascript, among other ones, allowed the team to make incredible Doodles that have called the attention of the entire world.

Google Doodle’s different media over the years:

The diversity and subject matter of their Doodles widened and increased, Google’s team incorporated different kinds of media to represent their logo, which has made them much more lively and visually attractive. Some of them include:

  • Digital animation
  • Traditional animation
  • Origami
  • Live flowers
  • Pumpkins
  • Traditional painting


Nowadays, more than 2000 doodles have been created since the projects first started in 1998, and there are more to come every day. One of the most notable aspects of Google’s more recent doodles is the fact that they are localized to certain countries and regions. They pay mind to many artists, anniversaries, and special dates that are relevant and important to cultures and minorities. This is possible thanks to the teams large number of members, and their openness for suggestions and participation from the public.

There’s a lot of many crazy and creative doodles to come on Google’s famous search engine, and who knows how they will be able to top their incredible innovations over the past decade.


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