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The Awesome Google Doodle

The Awesome Google Doodle Image

The Awesome Google Doodle


You may be one of the billions of Google users who couldn’t get enough of Google doodles. They are colorful, unpredictable, fun and interactive.

Google logo has been constantly replaced with entertaining drawings that commemorate different events from all over the world; from popular people’s birthday and anniversaries to spelling the word Google in Braille.


Who are the marvelous brains behind this wonderful idea?

The History

It all started in 1998 with Google Founders Larry and Sergy. They decided to attend the Burning Man Festival, an annual music, and arts gathering. Since they are going to be out of their office (and nobody will be attending to their website in case any technical problems arise), they decided to inform their users in a comical way of using their corporate logo. They put Mr. Stickman on the scene.


It was a relatively simple image but the idea of decorating Google’s logo as born. And then, the rest became history.

What happened after that?

In 2000, 2 years after the stickman, Larry and Sergy asked Dennis Hwang, now Google’s international webmaster and doodler, to make a doodle for Bastille Day. It was overwhelmingly accepted by their users that doodles started showing up on Google’s homepage from then on. Today, a professional team of illustrators, designers, artist, and engineers spend their time on creating a marvelous and amazing doodle for every Google user to enjoy. Some doodles are done in matter of hours; some are created and developed for several months. Real hard work.

How many doodles have been created so far?

There are thousands of Google doodles to date; some still images, others are interactive. It ranges from the famous to the not so famed but all of them are awesome. Some even portray idiosyncratic tributes and they are shareable!

What are interactive Google doodles?

Interactive Google doodles allow a Google to user interaction. Some are even playable! Do you remember when they launched a Pacman doodle? I personally spent an ample time in front of my computer trying to eat all strawberries that appeared. What about that soaring planet that released extraterrestrial specie that needed your help in building his spaceship? That was a commemoration of the UFO sighting in Roswell. There are a lot more published interactive doodles which you can find on Google doodle’s archive.

Who contributes to the Google doodle ideas?

People are creative species. Google employees share their ideas with each other, meeting weekly for brainstorming sessions. Ideas may also come from users just like us! At least four times a year, a review of ideas takes place. They schedule at least 90 doodles.

Google doodles have been a part of our everyday browsing and many of us hope they are here to stay forever. Doodles “humanize the home page”, says Kris Hom, Google’s technical engineer. They are lovely, amusing and surprising, which we believe depicts Google’s personality. Let’s raise our glasses to all their creators for a job well done.

If you have creative ideas for doodles, Google is mighty happy to hear about it. You can email them your works at[email protected].



Hi there! Doodles are one of the most amazing type of art of the present century. At the present century, all the tasks and works as well as entertainment stuff like music, videos and so on; involve some quality time to be spent on Google. To make it a new exciting,

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