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Putter, Scribble, Doodle…Google!

Putter, Scribble, Doodle…Google! Image

Putter, Scribble, Doodle…Google!

The world has definitely progressed in terms of technology. I could barely remember the last time I made a scrapbook or the last time I folded a paper into an origami. The present times had made these activities available online. Drawing, scribbling or sending notes can now be done in the comfort of your online  lair. The inner child in me weeps because it had always been attached to something hands-on. But my techy soul jumps with glee.

We have always been a fan of art. It lifts our mood and awakens our creative side. That might be the same push Google has every time they publish a Google doodle on their homepage. Google doodle has been a part of my everyday online search. It feels surreal not seeing any doodle on their logo now, to be honest.


Before there was an interactive Pacman game on Google’s homepage, there were Larry, Sergey and the Burning Man Festival in Nevada desert. In 1998, Larry and Sergey, the Google founders, toyed with their logo to show their presence on the Burning Man festival. What an incredible and comical way to tell that they were out of office!


Fast forward to 2 years, when Dennis Hwang was just an intern at Google on the year 2000, he was requested to do a doodle for Bastille Day. Guess how well it was accepted by the viewers? Too overwhelming that Hwang was appointed as Google’s chief doodler. Doodles started to become a regular eye candy on their homepage from then on. Way to go, Dennis!


From still images to gifs, to hyperlinked and interactive.

We were all thrilled by the artistic novelty of the Google doodle images. And we were head over heels by that first falling apple. Remember that doodle when Google honored Sir Isaac Newton?


Do you recall your smile when you saw that? I did. Way, way cool.

Initially intended to celebrate popular holidays and events, Google doodle now highlights a vast variety of occasions; from anniversaries to celebrating the birth of John James Audubon.


Just when we thought that the gifs were bad ass, Google was already thinking of how to collaborate their doodles with their audiences. Who could forget the interactive doodles? I bet you absentmindedly spent long hours playing Pacman. Did you create music with Google Synthesizer for Robert Moog’s 748th birthday? I personally got caught up with Runners-up: Zamboni, Soccer, and Star Trek.


There were several times when I was clueless on what the doodle for the day was about. For the curious minds, Google organized hyperlinks on their doodles. They made it easier for their users to go to a search results page. A double thumbs-up if you ask me. Very informative, educational and entertaining!

The demand for the doodles started to grow internationally; a great work of Google’s talented illustrators (also known as doodlers) and engineers. Google’s effort has genuinely done a wonderful job in bringing smiles to its viewers around the globe.


Hi there! Doodles are one of the most amazing type of art of the present century. At the present century, all the tasks and works as well as entertainment stuff like music, videos and so on; involve some quality time to be spent on Google. To make it a new exciting,

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