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Howdy from Austin, TX y’all! We are Jo and Bo, fraternal twin siblings who love everything related to doodling. Actually, we’re graphic designers and we both studied in our basement instead of going to college, and it turns out that we doodled while reading each other’s course notes out loud. Eventually, as we got better at our graphic design careers, we also got better at our doodling careers.

Jo has had her design proposals for Google Doodles accepted multiple times, and has even helped her 7 year old son’s second grade class win the Google Doodles competition by helping translate their drawing into a graphic, uploadable image (we swear she didn’t tamper with anything, Google).


Bo has been a graphic designer that has branched out in to monetizing his doodles, getting on the coloring book trend (much to the pleasure of his sister, who teases him non stop about making coloring books for adults). He also makes fonts, planners, and anything thing else that can possibly require a little flourish with doodles.

Bo and Jo started their own doodle design brand named, you guessed it, Bo & Jo. They sell the rights to their designs to people who make websites, T-shirts, jewelry, planners, coloring books (ha!) and more. When they’re not working on new designs, they’re brushing up on the latest technology that will them stay abreast (ha!) of the next big thing in graphic design. They think it will be animation, but you didn’t hear that from them!

Jo is married now, somehow, and has 2 kids, somehow. She lives in Austin just down the street from where she and her brother grew up, and while she doesn’t work every day on her doodles on the computer, she doodles a lot in the journal she’s always carrying around. One day, she’s convinced her fantastic doodles will be made into their own book for people to flip through.

Bo doesn’t live in Texas anymore, as his partner moved to New York City to pursue his fashion career. Bo went with him because, well, he can doodle anywhere, can’t he? He loves it in New York City, and doesn’t miss the Texas heat or bugs one tiny bit. He actually loves the Big Apple, and has managed to grow the Bo & Jo brand just by being around the people that need services like theirs. So, grudgingly, Jo hasn’t come to steal him back to Austin.

They started this blog about a year ago, mostly to geek out with each other from a distance about their new designs. They have built quite a following, though, since doodling has now become the newest, coolest art form ever (about time, guys). Their following has helped them create courses, develop new templates and downloads, and has generally carried Bo & Jo to even more success than expected. Thanks guys!

They both look forward to what the future holds, and are adamant that one day they will have their own Bo & Jo doodle, where everyone who submits a piece will get accepted. They’re not quite sure how this will work, but they promise it will happen.