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  1. What’s the big deal with doodling?

Well, have you doodled lately? It’s pretty fun. That in and of itself is a good reason to doodle. Second of all, it’s good for your brain and creativity. When you’re trying to absorb information and you doodle while doing so, you’re making connections between sight and sound, making it easier to recall information down the road. You also express creativity during times of mental boredom, which can help keep you engaged even if you don’t look like it. On top of all that, doodles are just cool and they can make you tons of money. Just ask the people who make those adult coloring books you spent $40 on!

  1. What’s the easiest way to make doodles?

Uh, with pen and paper, duh. Nothing beats a good doodle in the margins of your journal. If you’re adamant that you should find a software program that can help you make JPEG and PDF doodles, though, there are a wide variety of platforms out there. If you want, you can buy software like Adobe or Corel, or use other online programs like GIMP or Google Drawings. What we recommend most, though, are phone apps that can pretty much make whatever you want to make and those images can be saved and sent to wherever you want. We advocate playing around seeing what works for you better than anything else, though, so don’t invest tons of money before getting time to play.

  1. What’s a Google Doodle?

A Google Doodle are the images that you see on Google’s homepage that change every day. They’re not really doodles in the conventional sense of the word, and they’re a highly coveted piece of real estate for any artist. They have school aged doodle competitions, as well as adult submissions and recommendations. But as you’ve probably noticed by our blog, we are discouraged by Google’s use of the word “doodle” to describe these. Doodles are mindless drawings, not thought-out and beautiful works of art. We want to take back the word, and own our own creativity again!

  1. Why do you care so much about the word “doodle”?

That’s a pretty good question, and one we’re not entirely sure we know the answer to. Basically, it boils down to this: we do not like it when doodles are confused with art, and with art is considered a doodle. A doodle is something that everyone can do without being judged for, while art is something that requires talent and opens you up to critique. Doodles are fun, senseless, and creative. Art can be that, too, but often art is something much more serious. We want doodling to be fun, to be an expressive of your self, and for it to be an experience that isn’t open to judgment. Anyone can doodle, there are no rules! If there are rules, it’s art, and if it’s art, then it’s not always a doodle. A doodle can be art, but it doesn’t have to be.