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How to Make a Google Doodle

How to Make a Google Doodle Image

How to Make a Google Doodle

If you’ve ever dreamed about getting your latest artwork featured on Google Doodle, you are not alone. And the best part is that there are 365 chances a year to get accepted, since they change the logo daily. But how in the world do you create such magnificent works of art and then get them accepted by Google? There are a few steps you need to take:

Find Your Software

We have a whole blog on this topic, but your choice of software actually depends on what you want to get out of the software. If you just want to make a beautiful illustration, you’ll probably use Corel Draw or something similar. Adobe’s suite has a few options, as well. If you want animation, however, you’re going to need some CSS editors, and maybe even some experience in Javascript coding. This is not for the faint of heart, but Google seems to love the new interactive, animated doodles. If you want to compete, you’re going to have to have the right software!


Submit Your Doodle

Once you’ve created your doodle, you can submit it at https://www.google.com/doodle4google/ This contest starts every fall, so get working if you want to make it for the fall of 2016. They also allow you to submit ideas for the professional Google Doodlers – yes, that’s what they’re actually called – at [email protected] If you’re wondering if your art is good enough to submit for Google’s contest, though, start with a massive online following. Please note that these competitions are only from K-12 students; if you have a design idea, use the email address provided or you will be automatically disregarded by Google.

Websites and Social Media

While Google will not admit that they take the public’s opinion into account, it can’t hurt, right? Why not start sharing your doodles, getting a little bit more awareness for your skills. Then, even if Google doesn’t like your ideas, you can at least have something come from all this. Start a website, they’re pretty cheap, or just use a free blogging platform like Google’s Blogger. From there, post your creations on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr… Wherever else the kids are hanging out these days. Let people share them!


Look into Creative Uses for Your Doodles

First off, people love making money off their art, and for two: people can make a ton of money doodling, even if Google Doodles doesn’t pick it up. Look into creating coloring books with your doodle drawings, and even look at selling your images to graphic designers who create websites, logos, infographics, and more. Odds are, you can sell your images much easier than you ever imagined, and probably easier than trying to get on Google’s homepage.

But most of all, just try to have fun doing it! Google loves Doodles that are fun, colorful, and show your talents and passions off well. If that doesn’t pan out, you can always get validation for your doodle art somewhere else.


Hi there! Doodles are one of the most amazing type of art of the present century. At the present century, all the tasks and works as well as entertainment stuff like music, videos and so on; involve some quality time to be spent on Google. To make it a new exciting,

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