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How the Word “Doodle” is Changing

How the Word “Doodle” is Changing Image

How the Word “Doodle” is Changing

Maybe your parents have insulted your amazing drawings by calling them “doodles,” or maybe you’ve heard “Why do you keep doodling in the margins? Pay attention!” But now, it seems like doodling is all of a sudden cool. How in the world did that happen?

Well, as people become more and more involved in understanding themselves and their quirks, they look for ways to separate themselves from others. Doodling is just one of those things that some people do “better” than others, and that they can use to assign a value to their lives. “I’m a great doodler,” or “I doodle when I talk on the phone” are all frequently heard among coffee table chats and in colleges.


There are even websites devoted to doodling (ahem), and tutorials on how to create intricate doodles for coloring books, meditations, and memory retention. Yes, really. It’s gotten quite popular, and there are even classes out there you can take for “Zen doodles,” “Doodle designs,” and the like at craft stores across the country.

Doodling isn’t something you just do absentmindedly anymore, it’s a visual technique you can use to create, de-stress, and express yourself.

The Doodle Movement

Go to the coloring book section of any store, or the planners / notebooks / fun activity book section in a book store. Odds are, you will find a book on how to doodle. You’ll also find a ton of coloring books that are basically just doodles themselves, and you’ll find tons of “tracing” books for creating intricate patterns and designs that are just, you guessed it, fancy doodle books.

With the popularity of adult coloring books, planners, and the like, the Doodle Movement has become quite popular. There are even software tools that you can use to create your own doodles so you can color them! Now, creating fancy pages of doodles in an art journal is considered the height of creativity (we aren’t bashing it, just noting it).

Whereas doodle used to mean mindless scribble without any value, now it means you have great artistic ability! No, we aren’t rolling our eyes at all.


What This Means

We like to think that this changing trend in doodles is a result of the change in the Internet Age. We love seeing things that we can play with, manipulate, and make our own, and we don’t like reading. Doodling is a way to express our creativity in easy to consume, pretty ways. It also gives us something that we feel like we’re good at, which is incredibly important today.

With the ever increasing importance of visuals in marketing, sales, and online presence, it’s also becoming quite common for people to study the importance of visuals. It’s no longer “art” or “doodles,” it’s a tool that can be used to attract followers, like, subscribers, and sales. Our doodles aren’t kept to ourselves anymore, or thrown out with our notes. They’re broadcast online and “liked” and shared for all to see. What a time to be alive!


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