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Google Doodles as an Art

Google Doodles as an Art Image

Google Doodles as an Art

Half the fun of searching for something on Google is seeing the new Google “doodle” that makes up the Google logo. Sometimes it’s small and not super unique, while sometimes it’s animated, interactive, or points to some relevant event for that date. As a doodler, this is the Holy Grail of doodles, and something that many artists strive towards.

While we don’t know that we’d qualify Google Doodles as actual “doodles,” we do appreciate the nod to the art form. But let’s face it: a doodle used to be a mindless scribble on a piece of paper while you listened to your high school history teacher drone on about the War of 1812. Now, a doodle is held in high esteem, something that could make you famous or sell a million copies of your latest doodle compilation.


Somewhere along the line, doodles got confused with art. Not that we’re complaining, but the entire definition of the word has changed.

Now, doodles refer to an intricate design, something artsy and symmetrical and that makes people keep looking. It also makes you money, and especially if you get a spotlight on Google Doodles. That’s all great and everything, but doodles used to just be fun little quirks, not something that made you famous!

So how do we keep doodling and drawing and drawing little hearts over our “I”s without thinking we’re going to make a million dollars? It seems like everyone is monetizing their passions lately, so why in the world would you want to just do something for fun? OK, OK, so this post is getting a little ranty.

New Doodles, New Art

Basically, what I want to say here is this: Doodles can be fun, and doodles can be art. They can be both but they don’t have to be both for everyone. One person can do doodles because it’s fun and therapeutic and because nobody else is going to see them – ever. Another person can doodle because they love it, because they want to make money doing it, and because they have artistic abilities. By calling the Google images “doodles,” we’re essentially telling other people who use more “conventional doodling” that what they’re doing isn’t art, it’s not creative – they’re just scribbling. And that’s not true. Every doodle is an artistic expression, but we don’t have to grade them based on what could go in a book of doodles for coloring and what can be on Google’s home page every day.


Undo the Google Doodle

Now, we’re not asking you to take on the Google giant and be the David of this story with your doodling. We’re just asking you to think twice because you call a piece of art a doodle, and before you call your doodle a piece of art. A doodle is a mindless drawing you do while your mind is preoccupied – it is not something requires talent, thought, or even a desire to doodle. While it can mean all those things for other people, it doesn’t have to mean that for you.


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