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Google Doodle: Making Your Online Search More Awesome

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Google Doodle: Making Your Online Search More Awesome Image

Google Doodle: Making Your Online Search More Awesome

The searching has always been matter of fun for the internet researchers. The Google is considered among the best known among the online search engines. However, Google is the search engine that uses its amazing logo as centralized and large form with a search bar exactly covering the base of logo. The Google further uses the Doodles to make its users attractive towards its usage.

It is a fun Game:

Therefore, the Google Doodles are not less than a fun game. When you click on the Google, the logo is changed according to the event, holiday, special festival, United Nations day, special ceremonies, birthdays of celebrities, scientists, artists, special cultural days and much more. It has also a unique quality feature that it uses different doodles for the different countries even on the same day. It is exercised due to the special events in accordance to that specific country. However, the common doodles may be launched simultaneously at the same time and at the same day.

Surprise Logos:

The users when log in to the Google’s official website, they find a surprising logo prepared by the doodler team of the Google Corporation. It is going to bring an amazing smile on your face. It does not only bring beautifully designed doodles before you but a smile on your face as well. You are going to praise Google for this beautifying initiative.


Besides, many critics, the Google is on its way to entertain their users and more motivated to launch further projects. It was criticized at large by the researchers and academicians that the Google has disobeyed the Logo copy rights policy. However, the Google defended the case and is on its way to entertain the users with many new features. The best feature that makes online search interesting is the use of beautiful bright color schemes.

Entertainment through Maps:

Now, you can also find world maps on Google, the most authenticate search engine and the search engine giant. The maps are going to guide you while on the journey and travel. Now, it is not possible for you to be away from the right road. However, there are still few drawbacks as well. For example, if you have typed any word to find information, it will give results by repeating same links of the same websites but by bit different ways. Is this meant to increase the number of finds or some error? Well, the Google has the right answer. The internet users are watching and they have keen interest to make their loving search enginer perfect and better than ever before.

The Google Doodle has attracted attention of millions of users towards the site using various features including doodles. The doodles are not meant to hurt the feelings of users and violation of the logo / copy rights policies as described in the international laws but to entertain the users. The doodles have number of hidden features which are enough to make you smile. There is found curiosity among users, what doodle shall they see on their favorite world day.


Hi there! Doodles are one of the most amazing type of art of the present century. At the present century, all the tasks and works as well as entertainment stuff like music, videos and so on; involve some quality time to be spent on Google. To make it a new exciting,

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