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Have you ever tried other doodles by google like doodle games? Do you like them? Would you suggest them to others?

Yeah! I have tried out few of these games and I got addicted to them at one time because of their nature. I found them really interesting to play. I had to stop myself from getting more addicted to them in the end. Some of those games are;

  1. Pac-Man in Google form,
  2. The Doodle, Synthesized,
  3. Qixi Festival explained by Google,
  4. Cracking the Doodle code, or
  5. Google Doodles head to the Olympics.

Yup! I liked them to bits and I would definitely recommend others to try them. They are way fun to play and just to be fair, the doodle concept is so amazing that wherever it gets involved, that particular thing gets amazing and worth everything.  So, you also should give it a try.

What have you researched about Google Doodles till today?

Well, I have explored quiet much about Google Doodles; like where this concept did came from or what served as a motivation behind the inception of Google doodles or even how drastically the meaning of doodle has changed its shape, it’s thought and concept, and so on. I found it quiet interesting to look up these things as I am a big fan of art work and the things which try to explain themselves on their own rather needing words to explain them. I have also looked up at various interactive and video doodles and some of the common themes regarding doodles. Also, I know way too much about ‘Doodle 4 Google’; it is a competition for students in which they design doodles for Google.

What are some of your favorite Google Doodles?

I think each and every doodle has been beautiful in its own way though I will share some of my favorite ones;

  1. Evidence Of Water Found On Mars
  2. Wilbur Scolville’s 151st Birthday
  3. Abu al-Wafa’ al-Buzjani’s 1075th Birthday
  4. Robert Moog’s 78th Birthday
  5. Alan Turing’s 100th Birthday
  6. Shakuntala Devi’s 84th Birthday
  7. Julius Richard Petri’s 161st Birthday
  8. St. Patrick’s Day
  9. International Women’s Day
  10. Sochi Olympics, etc.

Basically, there is a whole list here but that will get too long, so this is it; few of my top most favorite doodles.

Why you love Google Doodles to such an extent?

Well, this is because doodles are one of the most amazing type of art in the present century. Every time I see a new doodle I just get amazed because it looks so perfect that it appears that Google logo was designed that way. The colors that are used or the font design or even itsy bitsy additions around Google logo, they all are put up together in a simply beautiful way making it a pleasant thing to watch whenever I am doing some research on Google. Apart from all the other important effects of Google Doodle it kept on educating me more and more, and then whenever I saw a new doodle I researched it and found out what an inspiration that event has served or what an inspiring personality was held in that person.