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Different Software to Help You Doodle

Different Software to Help You Doodle Image

Different Software to Help You Doodle

Doodling isn’t just for the margins of your notebook any more; it’s a serious art! Did you know that if you’re good enough at doodling now, you can make money off your doodles by selling books for coloring?? It’s a thing, we promise.

If you’re looking for software to grow your doodle game, check out these five programs we’ve reviewed for you that will totally rock your socks off:

  1. GIMP: GNU Image Manipulation Program

This is possibly one of the more common programs that coloring book artists and doodlers use today. For one, it’s free to use most features, and for two, it’s cheap to upgrade. It’s very user friendly and has tons of support, videos, and forums for users online in case you get stuck. No matter what platform you use, from Mac, Windows, to Linux, this platform will support your doodling efforts.


  1. Corel Draw

This suite of software can be used for way more than just doodling, and requires a bit more of an extensive study in its use before you can dive into doodling. Despite its complexity, though, it turns out some really, really amazing doodles and many people who sell their doodle art use this platform. Slightly more expensive, but with even better support, this is a step up from the GIMP option.

  1. Adobe InDesign

Better than Photoshop, this program allows you to create different layouts, filter different images, and create symmetrical, amazing doodles that will rock your socks off (again). It also lets you find images to trace / draw, and you can overlay your designs on different stock images and more. This is great if you have a specific image you want to doodle. This is more expensive than the first 3 options, and even more complex, but so many great features to use.

  1. Google Drawings

This is a really, really basic platform that allows you to create your own drawings for free and save them as JPEGs or insert them into documents. This is great if you’re just looking for the cheapest, easiest option. There are other Google suite options that can be upgraded, but do your research. This is the starter kit level, and then we recommend upgrading from here.

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  1. Phone and Tablet Apps

There are so many different apps out there to download on your phone or tablet, and the best part is they’re free for the basic options. Doodle.ly, Paper, Bamboo Paper, Picasso!, and Jot are some great examples, but play around with every app (since they’re free!) and see which one works best for you. These aren’t as symmetrical and technical as the computer software options above, but they are versatile, affordable, and don’t require fancy equipment! It’s a win win.

If you’re worried that your doodling is getting a little bit expensive, just try to find the cheapest option that has the best upgrade prices. Don’t invest in $1,000 software if you’re not planning on making that money back – unless you really like doodling that much.


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