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Different Doodle Applications Today

Different Doodle Applications Today Image

Different Doodle Applications Today

Doodles, as we’ve ranted and raved about in this blog, are not just mindless scribbles on the margins of your notes anymore. Today, doodles are basically an art form and they. are. every. where. It’s not just in Google Doodles, it’s not just in adult coloring books. Doodles are everywhere!

Doodle Fonts

How many fonts have you seen on blogs or websites that just look amazing? Well, there’s a new trend called the doodle fonts trend, and basically it’s handwritten fonts, complete with doodles, that give websites, pages, and articles that amazing “I wrote this by hand while doodling on the side” look. It’s pretty fun to see, and it’s definitely a great addition to any blogger’s font collection (we’d know). However, these are highly meticulous and well-crafted doodle fonts, so don’t be sad when you can’t recreate them with pen and paper while doodling your name over and over again.


Canvas Art

Just like people get a little crazy with their coloring books, people are also loving doodle canvas art. Whether they draw/paint it themselves or buy it, these abstract designs and funky patterns make a great addition to a modern home. It’s also fun for posters, like the psychedelic ones where if you look at the center too long you see a unicorn in the middle? OK, maybe that was just my poster as a kid. Anyways, create your own canvas art to spice up your living spaces, add a splash of color, and intrigue your guests!

Bullet Journals

Don’t even get us started on the bullet journal trend. It’s crazy how many people do this, and how much time they spend on doodling out their daily planner instead of just buying a planner that already has the boxes printed in it. Crazy! But anyways, back to doodling. Bullet journals are another great way to doodle daily, as there are different symbols, keys, arrows, and drawings that people create to represent their plans, goals, tasks, to do’s, and so forth. These are beautiful creations, there is no doubt. The level of doodling depends on the planner’s creator, their keys and symbols, and how else they use their planner (possibly for art therapy!).


Art Therapy

While we’re all pretty familiar with the adult coloring books and “Zen-tangle” drawing, most of us don’t know the applications for doodle drawing in art therapy. This isn’t a new concept, but it’s definitely getting more attention lately with the rising popularity of doodles. Essentially, focusing on creating patterns, designs, and doodles that connect, flow, or just totally don’t connect or flow, can help people with anxiety, depression, anger, etc. It also helps with disabled people who need to strengthen their eye coordination, problem solving, etc.

There are so many different applications for doodling that we can’t really cover them all in this post. Just know that, for the time being, doodles are “in,” and they don’t seem to be going anywhere fast. Enjoy yourself, have fun creating, and just doodle!


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