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Hi there! Doodles are one of the most amazing type of art of the present century. At the present century, all the tasks and works as well as entertainment stuff like music, videos and so on; involve some quality time to be spent on Google. To make it a new exciting, amazing and distinct experience, Google developed Google Doodles which is just the change in logo of Google according to the important events based on geographical locations. These events can be anything from holidays to achievements and people – anything that holds importance for that particular geographical zone. This concept was first designed in 1998 when a burning man was honored by Google Doodle. I was very young when I first came across this and by then it was more like entertainment for me rather than seeing the way google has honored different events but from time to time when I saw that important calendar dates of my nation are also covered by Google, it induced a great feeling in me. Either it is a symbol to show sympathy to something or some greeting or may be an important sport event; Google took care of all of it.

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Apart from all the other important effects of Google Doodle it kept on educating me more and more, and then whenever I saw a new doodle I researched it and found out what an inspiration that event has served or what an inspiring personality was held in that person. After the entertainment phase of my age, I began exploring more and more about this; like where this concept did came from or what served as a motivation behind the inception of Google doodles or even how drastically the meaning of doodle has changed its shape, it’s thought and concept, and so on. I found it quiet interesting to look up these things as I am a big fan of art work and the things which try to explain themselves on their own rather needing words to explain them.

I sometimes wonder how much creativity Google puts into this because every time I see a new doodle I just get amazed because it looks so perfect that it appears that Google logo was designed that way. The colors that are used or the font design or even itsy bitsy additions around Google logo, they all are put up together in a simply beautiful way making it a pleasant thing to watch whenever you are doing some research on Google. To be honest, I sometimes just stop research and gaze at the logo and get inspired by the artwork. For some fun part, I also installed many doodle games on my android or even played some doodle games online like;

  1. Pac-Man in Google form,
  2. The Doodle, Synthesized,
  3. Qixi Festival explained by Google,
  4. Cracking the Doodle code, or
  5. Google Doodles head to the Olympics.

These also were quiet interesting to play on. In other words, This Google Doodle concept just brought some life into me with its uniqueness which I will love to share with all you guys as well.