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A Brief History of Doodling

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A Brief History of Doodling

The word “doodle” just brings a smile to your face, doesn’t it? It’s hard to take a “doodle” too seriously, just because of the name alone. But doodling is actually more than just a funny word; it’s a preoccupied motion made by our hands when our brain is otherwise occupied. It’s not a drawing, or a work of art. A doodle is something that we do while we are absorbing other information, which makes the doodle such a cool thing to study.

Presidents and Kings

While we don’t exactly have albums and museums devoted to the doodles of historical figures, there’s been a lot of analysis on the “art of the doodle” when it comes to public figures. There are even websites devoted to doodles by millionaires, presidents, and even monarchs of recent years. It’s a pretty cool thing to see, if you’re so inclined.


During news briefings, during crises (like the Cuban Missile Crisis), and even during major historical events, people can be found doodling while processing through what they’re hearing. Or maybe they were just bored out of their mind, who knows? But historically speaking, the blank page, a busy mind, and a pen resulted in some great doodles.

Trying to Interpret Doodles

Doodles haven’t really been considered great pieces of art, or really all that important until recent years. Now, we’re finding that what people doodle is actually important to how they’re processing the information. Sometimes, doodles can mean someone isn’t listening, while other times it means that they are drawing connections to different points they are hearing. It’s an interesting phenomenon to track.

Symbols often come up in doodles, from arrows, boxes, flowers, face, and patterns, and there are many typographers who claim to have connected meaning in those doodles. We’ll discuss this in a later post, of course. Until lately, these things were just considered, well, mindless doodles. Now companies are encouraging their employees to take notes, doodle in the margins, and generally put their visual mark on things.

Doodling is slowly becoming a more accepted version of individual style and expression, which is interesting considering most people doodle. It’s not unique, but it is connected to a certain type of person.


Personalities and Success

Today more than ever, people are trying to assign value and insight into doodles. If you ask us, that’s pointless and they’re just cool little drawings, but they still try to do it. People who draw more shapes and arrows and linear designs tend to be more analytic, logical, and highly successful. We see these doodles a lot on high-powered business men and women, presidents, etc. Specialists also find that dreamers tend to draw full on art, with people, faces, flowers, and loops and curls. The looser designs tend to mean they are more creative, less business-minded and much more interested in the world around them than what’s going on while they’re doodling. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule – not that this is a rule.

Stick around this blog while we look into a variety of different topics about doodling!


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